Dancing with SL Stars Continues!

Dancing with the Stars is such a popular reality TV show. If you love real life dance, then you are probably one of its regular viewers! My SL workplace uses the same concept for their Dancing with the SL Stars; however, the actual dances do not get judged by a “live” person until the top two. So we see snippets of the dances in the youtube video, and people vote for their favorite dancers. So the finalists must rely heavily on their friends to get them through to the end. Because I have noticed it is not actually how well the dance is performed. Let’s face it. Each of the clips, including my own, has its flaws. Poor costume choices, avatar bodies colliding, and the dreaded lag due to overly crazy builds (totally my bad…not a builder…but learning lol)  visibly affect the performances. Which is so unfortunate! I’m sure each of the dances looked like perfection in our respective viewers, so those who watch only the videos may be missing out on some stunning choreography. Two of the finalists will perform their dance with the trainer mentors, so if you get the chance come on down and check them out at the Red Venue at 4pm slt.

Oh and by the way, if you check out the video, please vote for Lilmama and Laylah (number 3)! As a mentor, I gotta have my contestant’s back 😀


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