Learning by Teaching

My most recent accomplishment was becoming a trainer for my beloved Classic W/Style. I’m in the midst of my second month of teaching, and I love it! Am I a perfect trainer? Not yet. Will I be? You betcha.

I’m learning as I teach, and I can’t think of a better way to gain the experience I need.

Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous at all my first day of teaching at the UCWS. Perhaps it was only because I was standing with a team of strong and dedicated women that I felt right at home. Anrol and Steve have such devotion to their company and I was proud that they recognized a leader in me. It was quite the compliment for me because I am the youngest out of the group. However, they took a chance on me and I will be forever grateful to them.

Taby and Veronica were my trainers while I was a student at the university, so I felt comfortable teaching what I had learned because they are dedicated instructors with a passion for teaching, and lisana has been quite the inspiration to me, so it was a pleasure to work with her in this capacity.

Debbiedoo is also a new trainer, and we have a good repartee so teaching our first class was such a delight, and I look forward to working with her again.

Teaching something, such as modeling, have so many components to it. There are different styles to consider. In addition to those different styles, there is always the concern of the actual person controlling that avatar. One never knows who is sitting behind that keyboard. They may be ill, sad, elderly, young, or have certain disabilities. We all have different methods of learning. Some may be active learners and some may be audio or visual learners. It’s a challenge to incorporate each methods in my lessons, but I love a challenge and I strive to be the best trainer, friend, and mentor that I can be.

Our university is like a home and we are all family here. It’s an awesome experience and I’m eager to see the transformations our students make.
My advice to new students is to come prepared and make the most out of this experience. The road is not an easy one, but when something isn’t easy it only is because it is worth it.


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