Dancing with SL Stars Continues!

Dancing with the Stars is such a popular reality TV show. If you love real life dance, then you are probably one of its regular viewers! My SL workplace uses the same concept for their Dancing with the SL Stars; however, the actual dances do not get judged by a “live” person until the top two. So we see snippets of the dances in the youtube video, and people vote for their favorite dancers. So the finalists must rely heavily on their friends to get them through to the end. Because I have noticed it is not actually how well the dance is performed. Let’s face it. Each of the clips, including my own, has its flaws. Poor costume choices, avatar bodies colliding, and the dreaded lag due to overly crazy builds (totally my bad…not a builder…but learning lol)  visibly affect the performances. Which is so unfortunate! I’m sure each of the dances looked like perfection in our respective viewers, so those who watch only the videos may be missing out on some stunning choreography. Two of the finalists will perform their dance with the trainer mentors, so if you get the chance come on down and check them out at the Red Venue at 4pm slt.

Oh and by the way, if you check out the video, please vote for Lilmama and Laylah (number 3)! As a mentor, I gotta have my contestant’s back 😀

Styling Suicide Girl

Last night one of my friends, Rhea, mentioned she was taking pictures for a Suicide Girls Flickr group, so I thought that would be fun to try myself! I love tattoos in real life, and I do have three, but I always wanted to get more. I’m too chicken because … well… real life tattoos are for real 😉 So I let myself go under the ink pen in SL. I didn’t do the piercings because 1) I didn’t have them in my inventory, and 2) I didn’t want to purchase what I would rarely wear.

This is also my contribution for my advanced blogging class. I tell my students to do assignments so I best do them too! However, I cheated because I used a small amount of PS to smooth out the sharp edges on my thigh and torso, and I asked them to produce a stunning snapshot using only SL means. Still the Glitterati Justified Couch I’m laying on is awesome. I have a freakishly tall avi, so I’m pretty sure it is totally my height.

Styling Credits:

Arm tattoos: Actchio Cupcake Ponies Tattoo

Leg tattoos: Actchio Video Killed the Radio Star Leg Tattoo

Midsection tattoo: JayGee Girl with Dragon Tattoo

Bra: Niniko Natural Tunic Bra White

Undies: C’est Moi ! white girly panties

Hair: Truth Hair Veronica Platinum with black bottom

Rings: +Rozoregalia+ Gemma nails (using only the rings)

Nails: Persona Nail Gloves in Black (cannot seem to find workable link at the moment)


I am figuring out that google is trying to rule the world! My slideshow did not work…boo! Suppose I have to figure it out. 😀

Dancing With the SL Stars Take 2!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite dancers! (Especially if your favorite dancers are Lilmama and me!) This is the first round of Classic With Style‘s second Dancing with the SL Stars, and this competition has been proven to be tough! The second time around seems to be more of a battle than ever as the four dancers try and accumulate votes. I predict this will be a close race all the way to the end. So check out the video and vote!

Psst…vote for number 3 k? 😀

Dazzler’s Charity Event

I don’t get out much, but when I do get out, I love to watch dance performances! A few of my fellow cheer friends are part of Second Life’s Dazzlers Inc., so it was great to see them perform. It was a burlesque ballet theme, and it was also a charity event for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. I had to leave early, but caught a few pics from the show. There is so much to do in Second Life! I need to get out more 😀 

Styling Master Event at Classic With Style



Classic with Style presents Styling Master 2012! Only 9 stylists remain, so come on down to Classic with Style on March 18 at 10am slt and root for your favorite look! 


Each week, on Sunday, will be a new styling challenge and judges will eliminate some finalists until they crown the STYLING MASTER 2012 !




* The title of Styling Master 2012

* 10 000 L$ from sponsor House of Europe by Didier Rascon

* 10 000 L$ from CWS

Dancing With the SL Stars!

Ever hear of Dancing with the Stars? Classic with Style brought their own take of this popular reality series in Second Life! As a trainer, I was paired with one of the finalists, and I must have won the lottery because I was paired with the lovely Flora Stipe. It has actually been a joy to work with her because we have become closer over the past couple months. While Flora will compete for prizes, I have already won! We have had to put together three performances, and my favorite is Flora’s ballet. I have a soft spot for ballet and the music truly touches me. It is from one of my favorite movies…The Hours, and it fit Flora’s concept perfectly. As they say, (I always wonder who THEY is, but sometimes cliches speak volumes) the rest is history. 😉
Latin American Inspired Dance 

Hip Hop Dance 

Flora’s Ballet 

Mr. and Ms. CWS Calender 2010 Winners!

Photography by Didier Rascon

What can I say? To share this win with Didier is any girl’s dream come true. He’s the epitome of charm, elegance, extreme hotness, and a generous and kind soul. Thank you Didier for this honor! You are too good for words. This was my last pageant, and my ending as sharing the title of Mr. and Ms. Calendar 2010 with Mr. Didier Rascon was a happy ending, as it is in any fairy tale.

I begin SL with the full intent to model, and Classic W/Style was exactly what I needed. I learned everything I know here as I trained under the careful and patient eyes of Anrol, VeronicaLynn, and Taby. It is “simply the best” and I look forward to devoting my time and energy to such an awesome organization as I grow as an executive trainer.

Thank you to my talent team Chinese Sisters of Wu-Shi! It was a pleasure to work with the best. Lisana, my co-worker and friend, you don’t know how much of an inspiration you are to me, so I’m telling you now. You inspire me to be the best trainer I can be, and I’m thrilled to be working beside you! Aisha, my best friend and my Queenie, you are the most genuine and hardworking person I know. You push me to do my best, and you never let me slack off, and for that I love you. Thank you to all my Chinese Sisters!

Thank you to my boyfriend Joowa. You encourage me and lift me up when I have been down. You let me cry when I was sad, and you let me vent when I was frustrated. You raise my spirits and I love you. I’m so glad you found me through a racy picture with an apple (long story ;), and I’m so grateful I let my guard down to let you in.

To my fellow trainer Debbiedoo, you are a constant dose of laughter and I don’t think any of my days would be complete without your silly instant messages. As someone told me, “You are a bundle of joy,” and I couldn’t agree more!

Thank you Ayiki for the gorgeous photos you took of me. You captured the essence of the look I was going for. Your talent is amazing and I hope one day to be as good as you!

Last but not least I have to give a shout out to the husband and wife team of CWS. Anrol and Steve…you fight for me and I can always depend on you both. You are what make CWS so special and I’m truly honored that you let me be a part of your team. I won’t let you down! You have my loyalty forever, or until God forbid SL shuts down. Regardless I’m your CWS girl!

To present and future pageant contestants…never give up! To present and future models…keep shining! Classic W/Style is THE place to be. Always know that I’ll be here on the other end watching and supporting you!

Thank you all! Yay! 😀

CWS Calender Model Pageant

This pageant marked the end for me in the regards of my participation in them, so it was particularly fun for me. As a trainer, I can’t enter them anymore, and while I won’t miss the stress, I will miss the chance to compete. I’m a natually competitive person! I’m a sagittarius 😉

Because the themes were our RL birth year, I had to go with Madonna as my inspiration. I also had a great deal of fun making our announcer Taby talk like an 80’s valley girl! See my creative note and see what I mean 😉

Like, Ok. So like this event is a celebration of the past year and like a tribute to our calendar model’s birth years. Like take a guess as to what year Laylah was born. Your clues include her totally awesome black ra-ra skirt worn over lycra leggings; major piles of necklaces and bracelets; layers of lace, cotton, and mesh; blown out wavy messy hair tied up with a headband and big bow; and totally wicked “boy toy” belt. Like, did you guess it? Awesome!
The 80’s were a time when men and women were bold in their fashion statements and outspoken in their individuality. One of this generation’s fashion icons was none other than Madonna. She revolutionized the layered look and her excessive jewelry was filled with pearls, beads, and crosses. Women, young and old, copied her messy chic styling so in that way Madonna’s style had to be one of the most significant times of 80’s fashion. Fer shur 😉

Laylah grew up with Madonna and admires the woman who wasn’t afraid to be both sexy and intelligent while setting fashion trends. Laylah is wearing a variety of designers for today’s special event. It’s easy to open a box and wear what’s in it, so she decided to have fun and express her individuality by mixing and matching many talented designers.

Taking elements from Madonna’s early 80’s “Lucky Star,” “Borderline,” and “Like a Virgin,” music videos are the result of Laylah’s creative outfit. Her cropped tank top and mesh shirt, worn over a black lacy bra, is adorned with layers and layers of necklaces. Thanks to the “add” option, Laylah was able to create additional attachment points on her avi to allow her to pile on the necklaces and bracelets. The 80’s were excessive and over the top in its use of over accessorizing. There was like totally no such thing as too much.

Her lacy socks and ankle boots balance the short flouncy silhouette of her skirt and her patterned leggings show off long legs. And no 80’s ensemble would be complete without lacy fingerless gloves and neon nail polish. Madonna popularized the beauty mark in the 80’s, so Laylah used a makeup alpha to add a beauty mark over her lip, and she wears the dark bold eyes, with long eyelashes, and brightly accentuated cheeks with a bright red lip to mimic Madonna’s glam makeup style. Adding to her 80’s look, Laylah’s hair is a combination streak of blonde, dirty blonde; dark blonde; sunkissed blonde, and messy, just as Madonna wore hers in the early 80’s.
Laylah’s ensemble is composed of:
C-Stylez Madonna Fishnet Top
fri. Layering Tank Scoop (Black) Top
Zoey Jake Black Lace Bra
SD Make me Smile Pants and prim Skirt
CKD Chantilly Lace Gloves II Black
C-Stylez Boy Toy Belt
W&Y Hair Fair 5 Ribbon
Fierce**Alice head band
BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent with lace socks

Pearl & Silver Rosary Necklace
Davation Z::Long Wrapped Pearl Necklace (Black) Chest
SDesign’s <>Pearl Choker
SDesign’s <> Pearl Necklace
Loulou&co Bracelet Enigma
Cross Rubber Bracelet by K Jewelry by Kimiko
C-Stylez Bracelet
C-Stylez Bangles
Emery Square Bangle Mulitiple R Gray
Edge Grafica/37 bracelet-hand (BK+W)
C-Stylez Cross Earring
n*l Star Earring;

Hair and Makeup:
Exodi Makeups Beauty Marks Right Upper Lip
[Nikita] Magnific Hair Caramel
Miamai NoAlpha Lashes 03
JCNY CINX Nails NYC Street Fashion modifed to neon

I had the most amazing time in putting together this outfit! The outcome of the pageant wasn’t what I expected, nor was it what 3 of our amazing judges or my friends and family; however, this little fairy tale has a happy ending. Stay tuned! 😀

Diamond in the Rough

University of Classic w/Style dedicated December to new Second Lifers. Each trainer had the assignment to find a brand new avatar in SL and introduce them to the wonderful world of modeling. One of my favorite movies is “Gia,” so that was the initial reason I decided to ask Ms. Gia Ludlow if she would care to model. Luckily she said yes! In a few short weeks she went from the newbie skin and shape we all start off with into a model. Her progress amazed me because it took me about 2 months to walk a straight line.Seriously…2 months! She also turned out to be a truly sweet and geniune person. One never knows who she or he will meet in SL, and Gia was a pleasant surprise and my diamond in the rough. I’m so glad she took this game with sincerity and eagarness to learn. This was my first attempt at being a mentor, and I loved it every nail biting minute of it. Cheers to you Gia! You worked it! 🙂 After our fashion show showcasing Sage, she was chosen to be in the model video. She looked stunning in “All Wrapped Up! “Look for her in Classic Glamour w/Style January issue!

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